How do I add and delete my mileage expense?

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n add your mileage expense from the website or mobile. The administrator must first set the scale and select the one applied by their company.

What is the scale that is applied for the calculation of mileage allowances?

Go to the "Administration" tab, under the "Mileage rates" menu to select the scale:

·       URSSAF scale (France)

·       Fixed rate: consider the same rate regardless of the number of distance travelled and fiscal power

·       Custom rate: customize a rate based on your company policy

Adding a mileage expense:

From the website:

  1. Go to the "Invoices" tab,
  2. Click on " Mileage expenses" then on "Add"

  1. Fill in the form and save

To delete a mileage expense:

From the invoices list check the mileage expense,

Press "Delete".

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