Recall a report

A common difficulty occurs when you send a report for validation by mistake or wish to make changes to it after submission. In these cases, you have to wait for the manager to validate it, which can cause delays and inefficiencies. Similarly, managers can waste time reviewing expense claims that are not yet ready for submission.

That's why Expensya has recently introduced a new feature to help solve these problems. This feature allows all users to recall an expense claim that has not yet been reviewed by the manager. When the user selects an unreviewed expense claim, a new action button called "Recall" will appear.

The following requirements must be met for a report to be recalled:

The user must have a manager.

The report must not have been reviewed (approved/rejected) by the manager: it must be in the "Sent" state.

The "Send automatically to accounting" configuration must not be activated.

The "validation flow with reviewer" configuration must not be activated.

To recall a report,

  1. Go to the "reports" tab
  2. Click on the report you wish to recall
  3. Click on "Actions ", then on "Recall".
  4. A pop-up window will appear. Click on "Recall" to confirm.

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