Admins: Create individual and shared Budgets in Bulk

The Administrators can efficiently create budgets for multiple card holders at once and shared budgets for a group of users, saving time and streamlining the approval process. The budgets created by the admin will have an "approved" status, eliminating the need for manager approval. The budget history will display that the admin created the budget. 

To create budgets in bulk, you can follow these steps: 

Download the CSV Budget Template and template guide 

  1. Access the "Admin" page, then navigate to the "Budgets" submenu under the "Expenses and Requests" menu. 
  2. Click on the "+ Create Budgets" button. 
  3. Download the defined Budget Template file by clicking on the "Download template file" button 
  4. To help you insert the right data in the template file, you can click on “Read template guide” 

Create Budgets 

  1. Open the downloaded template file (Excel or CSV format) and fill it with the mandatory fields for each new budget.  

Mandatory fields include: 

  • Card Holder's Mail or Group Name* 
  • Budget reason 
  • Budget Amount in EUR 
  • Budget Auto-renew one-time or monthly 
  • Budget expiration date 


  1. Click on “+create Budgets” under and then “Select file” button a to import the file. 
  2. Click on “import” button to validate the validity of the imported file** 
  3. Click on “Create these budgets” to validate the creation of budgets with approved status. 
*Shared budget will be created for the users belonging to the group. 
**In case of error in the imported file, you can download a report with the specific error for each row. 

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