How to Distinguish between Reimbursed and Non-Reimbursed Expenses in Expensya?

The reimbursement of expense reports is the responsibility of the company, not Expensya. Therefore, our system cannot automatically categorize expense reports based on their reimbursement status. However, it is possible to add a "Reimbursed" tag to indicate that an expense report has been paid.

To create a tag, please contact Expensya's technical support team.
To better understand the usefulness of tags in Expensya and how to assign them to different expenses, please refer to this article: Tags in Expensya - Expensya - Expense Reports - Online Help

After reimbursement, the accountant can add the "Reimbursed" tag to the relevant expense report. This allows for easy tracking of which expense reports have been paid and which are still pending.

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