How do the Exception Requests Work?

In Expensya, there are 4 types of spending policies : 

In certain cases of expenses subject to a ceiling reimbursement (second type of rule), the user has the right to request an exception in order to be reimbursed the full amount of the expense or an amount exceeding the ceiling

The exception request is an option available only with the expenditure rule type: reimbursement by ceiling.  

The exception request can be accepted or rejected by the validator or the account administrator. 

The exception request is only possible if the administrator has enabled this option in advance in the rule in question. 
Exception requests are applicable to all categories except "mileage expenses". 


Requesting an Exception:

If you want to be reimbursed for the full amount of an expense that exceeds the reimbursable amount, you can request an exception.  

To do so, go to the "Expenses" tab,  

  1. Go to the "Expenses" tab  
  2. Click on "+ Expenses", then "Manual entry".  
  3. Fill in the fields to create your expense  
  4. Check "To be reimbursed".  
  5. As soon as you fill in the field that does not comply with the expense rule, a "Request an exception?" button is displayed. The "Description" field becomes mandatory.  
  6. Fill in the "Description" field, then click on the "Save" button  
If you do not click on the "Request an exception?" button and save, the expense will be created, but you will only be reimbursed on the default reimbursable amount. 


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