Absence management

The import of absences can be done in Expensya and allows the validator or accountant to visualize the absences of employees (paid leave, time-off, sick leave...)

This allows the validator to ensure that no expenses were incurred while an employee was on leave. The validator can then reject the expense.

This feature can be activated upon request to the Support team. You can contact them at support@expensya.com or via the chat bubble on your profile.

Absence import
  1. Go to the "Admin" tab, then to the "Users and access" menu.
  2. Go to the "Absences" submenu. 
  3. Click on the "Import" button.


  1. Download the template via the "Download template file" button.  


  1. A csv file is downloaded. Open it in Excel and fill in the appropriate fields.
  • ExternalId: Unique identifier
  • PayId : Employee's personnel number
  • Mail : Mail of the employee
  • StartDate : Start date of the absence
  • EndDate : End date of the absence
  • Label : Label (example : Illness)
  • AbsenceState : status of the absence (0 : cancelled / 1 : confirmed)
  • AbsenceType: type of absence (2: Paid leave / 4: Illness / 8: Time off / 16: Other)
- The default value for the absence status ("AbsenceState") is "Confirmed    
- The default value for the absence type ("AbsenceType") is "Other".

- If you enter a value other than "2", "4", "8", "16" in "AbsenceType" the default value will be saved    
- If you enter a value other than "0", "1" in "AbsenceState" the default value will be saved 



  1. Once the file is completed, import it into Expensya by clicking on "Import file".

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  1. Then click on the "Import" button


Set up a rule on expenses incurred during absence:

The administrator has the capability to establish either an alert-type expense rule or a blocking rule specifically designed for expenses accrued during periods of absence.

For more details on the configuration of the spending rules, please consult the following article via this link: How to set up spending policies


  1. Choose the type of rule you want to add (Alert or Blocking Rule)
  2. Click on "Depending on whether the expense is recorded on a day of absence".
  3. Choose the type(s) of leave during which the rule will be applied



Calendar view of absences during grade validation
To know how to activate the calendar view, please consult this article: How do I view my notes/expenses in Calendar mode? - Expensya - Expense reports - Help 

By consulting the notes in validation, you have the possibility of seeing on the calendar the absences with the expenses carried out, to see if these coincide with a date where the collaborator was absent


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