How to fill the project import template

As an Administrator on Expensya, you can create all your project at once by filling the template on the website.

Here is what a completed import template file looks like:

How to fill the template?

Project External ID = internal reference of this project your company

Project Reference = reference you wish to give to this project on Expensya

Project Name

Client Name

Project start Date

Project End Date

Validator Mail = The Project Manager approving expenses related to this project

Validator PayId = validator's unique ID

Project Has Billable = if blank, the 'billable to client' will be off

Project Is Active = if blank, the project will be activated as soon as uploaded

Pay Id 2 = It is to indicate the subsidiary if applicable (analytical axis 1 on user cards)

Pay Id 3 = determines geographical area or by department (analytical axis 2 on user cards)

Affected Users Mails = if blank, the project will be visible to all employees. Specify assigned employees by entering their email addresses in this column

Affected Users Pay Ids = affected employees unique IDs

Where to download the template? Check how to create a project

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