Integrating Bookings from Egencia into Expensya

Egencia is a travel agency specializing in business travel with its own travel booking tool.

Expensya and Egencia have partnered to integrate bookings made in Egencia in real-time into Expensya, automatically creating a mission order.

The purpose of synchronizing bookings is to have visibility of the total cost of the trip, including expenses in the expense report and travel expenses within the same mission order, with the ability to link a mission order to expenses.

What is a mission order?

A mission order is a "trip" created automatically in Expensya when the user books their trip in Egencia. It consists of one or more bookings (such as a flight ticket, hotel, car rental). Bookings are linked to a mission order.

Mission orders can be viewed in the Expensya tab "Requests" > "Mission Orders."

The mission order contains:

- A label

- Travel dates

- Destination

- Custom fields (if applicable)

- Description

- Associated bookings

A mission order cannot be modified by the collaborator.