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How to integrate Uber to Expensya

Expensya now allows you to send your expenses from Uber to Expensya. For this, you must create a business account with the same email you use to connect to your Expensya account and choose "Expensya"…

Updated 1 year ago

Refund management

The SEPA export is a banking integration available on Expensya’s Gold and Premium plans. The SEPA export is activated in the “Integration” menu, in the “Administration” tab, and allows you to view th…

Imen Habouria
Updated 3 weeks ago by Imen Habouria

Inexweb integration

From your Expensya account, you can integrate the data into your Inexweb account. Inexweb is only available in French. Go to and log in with your Inexweb credentials Go to th…

Jihen Laribi
Updated 1 year ago by Jihen Laribi