Connect to QuickBooks from Expensya

You can connect your to QuickBooks account from Expensya. But only the Administrator can perform this operation. You will: Go to the " Admin " tab, then the " Integrations " submenu. Click on " + Int…

Mohamed Dhifallah
Updated 3 months ago by Mohamed Dhifallah

How to configure the Expensya-QuickBooks integration?

The configuration of Expensya-Quickbooks integration can anly be performed by the account administrator and it concerns the following two parameters: Linking Expensya and Quickbooks categories. Choos…

Imen Habouria
Updated 1 year ago by Imen Habouria

How do I send my invoices from Expensya to QuickBooks?

Before starting, it is important to understand the concept of reports on Expensya. Reports are expense boxes, which allow you to classify invoices by mission, week, month, location and then generate…

Eya Satouri
Updated 2 years ago by Eya Satouri

Associate a bank account with non-reimbursable expenses

When you export reports from Expensya to Quickbooks, as an admin you can choose the bank account (if you have one configured in QuickBooks) to which you want to send your non-reimbursable expenses (p…

Updated 2 years ago

How to see the data exported on Quickbooks?

Expensya allows you to send your reports and invoices to Quickbooks. Once exported, you can find them: Under "Expenses" selection In recent operations as indicated below: Use the magnifying glass to…

Updated 2 years ago

How to activate payment exports

Expensya allows you to export your expense reports in payroll format from the "Integrations" submenu. Only the administrator can activate these export formats from the website. For that : Go to "Admi…

Jihen Laribi
Updated 1 year ago by Jihen Laribi