Creating Reports

You can group your expenses in a Note from the web or mobile version.

What is a report?

A report in Expensya is an indicative term used to refer to the different expenses linked to the same event or the same period: it is really just an expense box!

Organizing the expenses allows to offer a synthetic overview to the expense management team in your organization !

From the website:

Go to "Reports" tab,

Press "+ Report",

Indicate the name of the report and "Save",

"Save and return" to save the report and return to the list of your reports.
"Save" to access the report you have just created and start assigning your expenses
"Return to the list" to cancel the creation and return to your reports

How to delete a report:

Tick the report,

Click on "Actions", and "Delete"

From the mobile:

How to create a report:

Go to the "Reports" menu,

Create your report through the "Add your first report" button or by pressing the "+" at the top of the page,

Indicate the name of your report, and save.

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