How to configure the Expensya-QuickBooks integration?

QuickBooks is no longer available in France.

The configuration of Expensya-Quickbooks integration can anly be performed by the account administrator and it concerns the following two parameters:

  • Linking Expensya and Quickbooks categories
  • Choosing the accountable accounts for reimbursable expenses.

Link the categories of Expensya and Quickbooks

The admin can link the categories on Expensya to Quickbooks from the web.

Go to the 'Administration' tab, under 'Integration' -> Payment 'Quickbooks'

Link the categories of Expensya (left) to those of Quickbooks (right),


Choose an accountable account for reimbursable expenses:

As an administrator, you can choose an accounting account for reimbursable expenses for every employee on Expensya when logging into your Quickbooks account from the website

Go to the "Administration" tab, under 'Integration' -> Payment 'Quickbooks' menu.

Set an account foreach employee


Connect Quickbooks projects to Expensya

The class name on Quickbooks must have exactly the same name on Expensya.

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