How to collect my invoices from different merchant sites?

This feature allows you to collect your invoices from different merchant sites via the web (Orange, Amazon, SNCF travel ...)


  1. On the "Invoices" tab,
  2. Click on "e-bills" then "Add a commercial site"
 You can also access this feature from "Settings", under "my commercial sites" menu

Select the merchant site then "Setup my commercial site"

Once you have added your merchant site, you can configure the date from which you want to collect invoices.

You can update the connection with a merchant site at any time by going to the list of your merchant sites, and by clicking on the pencil to modify a merchant site.

All you have to do is collect your invoices by clicking on "Collect now".

Automatic collection: Once you have connected your merchant site, Expensya will automatically collect your invoices every day or you can do it manually from the "Collect now" button.

You can do the same from the "Expenses" tab. Click on "e-invoices" then on "collect now".

A notification will appear to tell you that your invoices have been successfully collected and they will be added to the list of your expenses under the status "To verify" and with an "e-invoices" icon.

To deactivate a merchant site:

  1. Go to the menu "my merchant sites":
  2. Check the merchant site in question,
  3. Click on "Deactivate".

You are limited to 3 merchant sites during the trial period and in Silver. With the Gold offer it's unlimited.

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