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How to calculate mileage charges according to URSSAF scale?

Expensya allows you to enter your mileage expenses on the go and guarantees accuracy year round. How are mileage costs calculated according to the URSSAF scalr (France)? In this example we'll conside…

Eya Satouri
Updated 2 months ago by Eya Satouri

Does the mileage scale apply to electric vehicles?

Does the mileage scale apply to electric vehicles? In France, in accordance with the decree issued on March 30th 2013, the mileage scale also applies to vehicles less than 3 fiscal horsepower. This a…

Updated 9 months ago

How to view reports and invoices in calendar mode?

On Expensya, you can view your invoices in calendar mode. Calendar mode gives you a zoomed-out view of the notes posted in a month. This functionality is activated by the administrator for the compan…

Updated 1 month ago

How to collect my invoices from different merchant sites?

This feature allows you to collect your invoices from different merchant sites via the web (Orange, Amazon, SNCF travel...) On the "Invoices" tab, Click on "e-bills" then "Add a commercial site", You…

Eya Satouri
Updated 3 months ago by Eya Satouri

What does "to validate" mean?

An expense's status will show 'to validate' when you use our intelligent recognition tool. The system will ask to cross check and correct the information that we have extracted from your receipt. Onc…

Updated 1 month ago

How to use Expensya’s fast scan?

Smart Scan allows you to take a picture of your invoice will process it for you. This feature is available both from the website and the mobile app. From the website: To add an invoice using "fast sc…

Eya Satouri
Updated 3 months ago by Eya Satouri

Why does the calculation of mileage charges seem incorrect?

In some cases and due to changes in parameters, Expensya has to compensate the calculation of mileage costs, which can sometimes look like the calculation of your mileage costs is wrong. The compensa…

Eya Satouri
Updated 3 weeks ago by Eya Satouri

How do I update my payment method ?

On Expensya, you can update your payment method from the web. This manipulation can only be done by an administrator of the Expensya account. Here’s how: Go to the "Administration" tab, under the "Su…

Eya Satouri
Updated 1 month ago by Eya Satouri

Manager or accountant can’t see a report

As a manager or accountant, you can only see the expenses uploaded by users requiring your intervention. If you don't see them, there may be several explanations, and you check the following: Has you…

Updated 10 months ago

Can I pay in the currency of my choice?

Expensya subscription: The currency in which you will be asked to pay is linked to your country and your method of payment. You cannot manually choose which currency you will pay in. When you select…

Updated 5 months ago

Is reimbursement made through Expensya?

At Expensya we help you manage your expense reports efficiently, saving you precious time and simplifying your life! Our tool allows you to manage the end to end process, from uploading an expense re…

Updated 10 months ago

How to refer a contact?

Do you want to sponsor one of your contacts? Piece of cake! Click on your Name at the top of the page, then 'Referral' Copy the link and send to your contacts and both you win and extra month on ever…

Eya Satouri
Updated 1 month ago by Eya Satouri

How to modify invoices of other employees in Expensya

The Expensya website allows you to modify your team's invoices, when you are their first validator, additional validator, accountant or administrator. When a report is submitted, At the top of the pa…

Chaïma Bnina
Updated 1 month ago by Chaïma Bnina