How to connect your iBiza account from Expensya

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As an admin, you can connect your iBiza account from Expensya's website, if you have subscribed to the Expensya Gold offer.

For that :

Go to the "Administration" tab, "Integrations" submenu,

Click on "Add a new integration",

Click on the "Accounting" panel,

Choose the "iBiza" integration,

Click on "Native Integration",

Fill in the different fields and activate the integration.

To retrieve the access token:

Go to your iBiza portal,

Select the folder with which you wish to establish the connection with Expensya,

Once connected with the right folder, click on the little arrow that exists next to the company name to display the list of parameters.

Click on IRF Partner Token and choose "Expensya".

A window will open where you will find the access token. You must copy and paste it into the access token field in Expensya.

To retrieve the company identifier:


You will find the company identifier in the URL link (at the top of the page, after the word companyID) copy what exists between the {}.

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