Advances Management

Advances management is an available feature on Expensya through the Gold offer.

It can be activated from our internal system and upon request of the account administrator.

Thanks to this option, employees will be able to submit requests for advances that will be validated or not by their managers or by the account administrator.

How to request an advance :

Once the feature has been activated, a new tab will be displayed on the user's account: it's the Requests tab, you just have to

  1. Click on the tab "Requests".
  2. Click on the option "Advances".
  3. Fill in the various fields of the advance request form.
  4. Click on send.

Once an advance request is submitted, users cannot edit it, preserving data integrity and preventing confusion.
Advances Workflow

Advances requests take the following validation flow:

  • In the presence of a manager:

The request will go to the manager with the state "Submitted".

The manager has the possibility to visualize this request from the "Manager" tab, he has the choice to validate or reject it.

  • In the absence of a manager:

The request is sent to the account administrator with the state "exported".

The account admin has the possibility to archive the advance request or reject it.

If the advance request is assigned to a project, this request will first be sent to the project validator
In accounting

Once approved by the manager or the account administrator, the advance request is sent to the accounting department where it will either be archived or rejected by the accountant.

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