Requesting Budgets

In order to use your Expensya card, it is necessary to request a budget and have its approval before making any purchases .  

To request a budget, you can follow either of the two methods listed below. 

Option 1: Request a budget from “My Cards” page 


You can request a budget directly from “My Cards” page under Virtual Card and/or Physical Card sub-sections by following the below steps: 

  1. Head over to “Expensya Card” menu 
  2. Go to sub-menu “My cards” 
  3. Choose “Virtual Card” or “Physical Card” 
  4. Click on “Request a new budget” 

Option 2: Request a budget from “My Budgets” page 

To  request a budget directly from “My Budgets” section , you need to can follow the below these steps: 

  1. Head over  to “Expensya Card” menu 
  2. Go to sub-menu “My Budgets” 
  3. Click on “Request a budget” 

What  do I need when requesting a budget?  

When making a budget request, you should provide:  

  • Reason:  Short text to describe the reason why you need this budget, i.e “LinkedIn Subscription” or “Business Trip to Madrid”. By filling in this field, the validator will be able to comprehend your request motive  
  • Amount:  EUR currency should be used for this field, even if your transaction has another currency. In such case, you must convert the expected amount to be spent and include a margin for currency exchange. 
  • Auto-renew frequency: two options are available for the budget frequency, if the budget is for a one-time expense, you should choose "One time." However, if the nature of the expense requires it to recur on a regular basis, you should select "Monthly." 
  • Expiration date: if you select the "One time" frequency for the budget, you must specify an expiration date for the requested budget. Once the specified date has passed, the budget will automatically expire.  
  • Project: you need to select the Project that matches  the requested budget 
  • Details: you can provide additional information about the budget request in this field, which is optional. This will help the validator understand the reasoning behind the budget request. 
  • Categories: you will be able to view the merchant categories where you are permitted to spend. 
  • Attached files: if you have any file that can justify the budget request, you can upload it.  

As soon as you have completed the required fields, you should click on “Submit”.  

The budget request will be instantly sent to the validator for review and validation. As soon as the budget is approved, if you don’t have any other budgets approved, the system will automatically link your card to the newly approved budget.  

An email confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the validator responds to the budget request.  

If you have both virtual and physical cards, linking your card to a budget implies that both cards, virtual and physical, will be associated with the selected budget. 


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