Management of Multiple Currencies

Expensya offers you the possibility to manage multiple currencies:

  • Expense currency.
  • Employee's currency, used primarily for employees reimbursement.
  • Company currency.

As an administrator, you can configure the display of expense amounts in either the employee's currency or the company's currency.

The company's currency is the default currency displayed.
To configure the currency to use:
  1. Go to "Administration" and then select "Global Settings."
  2. Access the "Expense" submenu.
  3. In the "Currency Display for Administrator" field, choose from the options "In Company Currency" or "In Employee's Currency."
  4. Save the changes by clicking the "Save" button.

Display of Reports in employee's currency/company's currency:
  • Reports displayed in the employee's currency.
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  • Reports displayed in the company currency.

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