How to configure expense rules ?

As an administrator, you have the authority to implement expense policies on the Expensya platform, enabling you to notify your colleagues in real time about exceedances, while also gaining an immediate overview of the situation.

To create an expense rule:
  1. Go to the “Admin” tab,> "Expenses and requests" > “Spending policies” sub-menu,
  2. Click on “Add a new rule for expenses"
  1. Choose one of the 4 rules to configure, whichever suits you best.
To understand the provided options in detail, please refer to this article: Expense Rules Configuration Options.
  1. Click on “Next
  2. Choose the settings to configure the rule
You can refer to this article to understand the usefulness of each conditioning option.
  1. Click on “Next

You will then see a summary of your settings. You can name the rule and enable authorization of exceptions,

  1. Click on “Add rule”
Once a rule is created, it only applies to new expenses. To apply it to expenses already submitted, they need to be rejected and resubmitted.

Users with professional payment methods, as well as managers and administrators, will now be able to easily consult the expense rules associated with their transactions. This will ensure consistency with company policies.

When an expense is made with a professional payment method, users will see a specific icon and the content of the rule associated with their transaction as well as alerts in case of policy overrun. This feature is accessible at all levels of the company for more efficient expense management.

It is worth noting that the application of these expense rules does not imply the prohibition of transactions made using the Expensya card. For example, if an employee has a balance of thirty euros and makes a payment of twenty-five euros for lunch, the transaction will be validated, even if a restriction specifying a fifteen euro limit per meal had been established by the administrator. In this context, it is the responsibility of the administrators and those in charge of validating expenses to conduct a rigorous review of transactions made using Expensya cards, in order to make necessary internal adjustments.
To disable an expense rule:
  1. Go to the “Administration” tab, “spending policies” sub-menu.
  2. Select the rule to disable then click on “Disable”.

You can disable a rule, allowing it to be used later on, but you cannot delete it.

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