How Expensya Alerts Enhance Compliance and Prevent Anomalies

Alerts and notifications play a crucial role in detecting anomalies and ensuring compliance with internal policies in the expense management process. 

Let's explore how these features provide increased control, prevent irregularities, and optimize expense management. 

1. Expense Policy Alerts 

Expensya displays an alert when an expense report violates the company's expense policy.

If the employee submits the report while ignoring the alert, it becomes visible to the report validator. 

If the validator approves an expense report without reviewing the expenses, and there is at least one non-compliant expense, a warning message may be displayed to alert the validator. 
2. Duplicate Alert 

An alert is triggered for the employee upon detection of a duplicate.

If the report is submitted for validation, an alert is also generated for the validator. 
Expensya also detects duplicates across different employees, issuing an alert accordingly. 


3. Receipt Compliance Alert 

Expensya allows verification of image quality and displays a warning in the expense list. If the image quality is insufficient (e.g., blurred), a warning is sent to both the employee and the validator. 

This feature can be activated upon request from the Support team. 
Our intelligent recognition system (OCR), based on machine learning, improves with each use. Although it may occasionally generate alerts for compliant receipts, the frequent use of the same type of receipt allows the OCR to recognize it correctly without further alert. Your experience becomes more refined as the system learns.
4. Receipt Fraud Suspicions Alert 

Expensya checks the receipt image and displays a warning in the expense list and within the expense itself, exclusively for the validator in case of suspected image alteration. 

This feature can be activated upon request from the Support team and is available only on the web platform. 


5. Additional Files Alert 

Expensya generates an alert when files are added in addition to the expense justification. 

6. Field Modification Alert 

Expensya issues an alert for upward modifications of impactful numbers (e.g., distance traveled, expense amount, currency conversion rate). Additionally, a color-coded alert appears when the VAT rate is not in line with the expense amount. 

  • Example 1

If an employee adds an expense using the fast scan option and manually increases the amount spent, an alert will appear as follows:

  • Example 2:

If an employee adds a mileage expense and increases manually the automatically calculated distance, an alert will appear as follows:

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