When can I throw away the paper receipt or invoice?

To determine whether receipts or invoices have been scanned correctly, you need to look at the padlock that appears on the expense line after uploading:

  • If it is closed, it means the scanning was successful, and you can then dispose of the paper receipt.
  • If it is open, it means scanning could not be done due to an issue with the uploaded document or how it was uploaded.

When is the padlock closed?

- If the document's photo is captured directly from the mobile app of the software.

- If the PDF uploaded to the approved software is native or electronically signed.

- If documents are added through a scanner called from the software's website.

When is the padlock open?

- If photos are uploaded from the gallery or outside of the software's app.

- If the PDF uploaded to the approved software is not native or not electronically signed.

- If the uploaded document was generated in PDF format from a scanner outside of the approved website.

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