Subscription and Billing

How to subscribe?

As an Administrator, you can subscribe from the website by choosing between the two offers that we provide. To do so : From the Admin panel, go to Subscriptions on the side bar menu, and select your…

Imen Habouria
Updated 5 months ago by Imen Habouria

Automatic renewal

On Expensya, only the account administrator can cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription. To deactivate automatic renewal: Click on "Admin" tab from the website, Then on “Subscription” on the…

Eya Satouri
Updated 2 years ago by Eya Satouri

How do I collect my Expensya bills?

When subscribing to Expensya, a bill is automatically generated and available to the admin from the website. From the "Admin" tab Click on "Bills" on the sidebar menu

Jihen Laribi
Updated 11 months ago by Jihen Laribi

Offers and pricing

Expensya will tailor the offer based on the subscription chosen, number of licenses you wish to purchase and wether these are billed monthly or annually. Below is a table that summarizes Tax-exculsiv…

Ines Bouzaiene
Updated 1 year ago by Ines Bouzaiene