Customize Mileage Rates

In addition to the standard mileage reimbursement rate applied by your company, you can, as an Expensya administrator, add specific ones to one or more users.

  1. Activate the functionality:

To activate the functionality from the admin tab, go to the global settings then click on "Invoice" and activate the functionality "Configuration on Mileage" and save.

  1. Configure the functionality:

From the sidebar menu, go to ‘mileage rates’ and click on the ‘+’ to add a new configuration.

Add a title to your configuration, configure the year, type of vehicle and pricing as well as the scale currency and save.

  1. Sign the scale to one or more users:
    1. To a single user:
    To assign the scale to a user, from admin access the user card. In 'others' select the configuration of the mileage charges.
    1. Several users or groups:
    If you wish to modify the mileage rate for several users at once, select them from Admin -> Users then on Actions -> Multiple edit users.

Configure the mileage rate and save :

  1. Delete a mileage rate:

To delete a created mileage rate from the admin tab, go to mileage:

Click on ‘Edit this list’

The basket next to the scale will allow you to delete it:

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