Why does the calculation of mileage charges seem incorrect?

Eya Satouri Updated by Eya Satouri

In some cases and due to changes in parameters, Expensya has to compensate the calculation of mileage costs, which can sometimes look like the calculation of your mileage costs is wrong.

The compensation is applied in two scenarios:

-          Your company changed the reimbursement rate during the year,

-          The reimbursement rate varies upon a scale of traveled distance, and you have switched levels.

For example, on the URSSAF scale (France) the calculation formula differs according to the distance you travel annually (<5,000 km, between  5,000 and 20,000 km or >20,000 km).

When the total mileage declared on Expensya exceeds the first level (5000 km for the example of the Urssaf scale) the system will consider you as belonging to the second level of the scale. It will go back to all the mileage charges entered in the current year and calculate based on the new formula.

As kilometric allowances are usually calculated on an annual basis, the difference will be compensated on the following mileage expenses until the discrepancy is cleared.

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