Creating User Groups in Expensya

What is a user group in Expensya?

As an Administrator, you have the ability to create user groups within Expensya. This feature allows for the grouping of users within a company based on analytical axis.

This functionality streamlines expense management by tailoring expense policies and associated matters to each group. Created by administrators, these groups enable the application of specific expense rules and the allocation of particular matters to each group. Consequently, the defined rules outline authorized expense categories, set spending limits, and adjust other similar parameters to suit the requirements of each group. Furthermore, the allocation of specific matters to groups simplifies the management and tracking of expenses related to individual projects or departments.

In summary, user groups in Expensya serve as an effective means to organize, customize, and optimize expense management within the company.

This action is only possible from the administrator interface available on the website.

To create a user group:
  1. From the “Admin” tab, go to the “Users” section.
  2. Click on “Group”, then “New group”.

  1. Fill in the group name, and the analytical axis.

  1. Confirm creation of the group by clicking on “Save”.
 For more details on the configuration of employee analytic axes, please see the following article: How do i add or delete a user or an administrator?

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