Adding/ Deleting a User or an Administrator

The administrator of an account can add other users to the company from the website.

To add a user:

  1. Go to the "Admin" tab then the "Users" submenu,
  2. Click on "Add"

  1. Fill in the form and choose "Employee" in the user function,

  1. Click on the "Validation / Approval" tab to define user's invoice approver:

You can also insert other additional validators if you have several validation levels

If you add a threshold to this additional validator, the invoice will be sent directly to this validator.

You have the possibility of inserting analytical axes by user to indicate information on the user such as the company, the entity, the subsidiary, the department, the geographical area, etc.

Expensya allows you to easily implement analytical axes for each employee. These are created and modified directly from the employee's file, allowing you to associate as many analytical axes as you wish per employee according to your needs in terms of analysis and reporting, or accounting integration. This analytical data can be used directly from the standard Expensya exports, accounting exports, or the Business Intelligence module via dashboards.
It is also thanks to the analytical axes that you can create user groups. You can find more details in the following article: How to create users groups un Expensya
You can add a secondary email address for automatic email processing of your invoices when sent to from a secondary email address.

  1. To finalize the addition of your user, click on "Send Invitation."

The added user will receive a link by email to validate their account and generate a password. As soon as they validate the account, the status will switch to validated.

To disable a user

  1. Select the user to disable
  2. Click on "Disable"

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