Creating a per diem Expense

Per diem in Latin mean per day; it is a daily allowance provided by companies for their employees to cover living expenses during business travel.

In Expensya, we enable our users to create expenses for business travel, these expenses will respect the per diem allowances imposed by the company (which are usually based on the company's country allowance).

We consider the per diem as a calculation method that allows users to avoid adding multiple invoices by creating a single one containing all the needed expenses for their travel.

From a calculation point of view, the per diem expense's value is a sum of daily expenses values, which are computed based on:

  • User input (destination(s), date & time of travel).
  • Per diem configuration (specific per user, company and country).

How to create a per diem expense on Expensya?

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a German per diem can be found on this article.

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