How to assign an expense to a report?

After creating a report, you can assign one or more expenses to it in various ways, either through the web or the mobile app.

From the website:

If you have expenses and mileage charges already entered, you can assign them to an existing report:

  1. Check the "Expenses" or "mileage charges" to assign from the "Expenses" tab.
  2. Click on "Assign to a report".
  3. Choose the Report and confirm by clicking on "Assign."

  1. From the input form for a new expense, in the "Report" field, create a report or select an existing one.

The same goes for your mileage costs

From the mobile version:

If your expenses or mileage charges are already entered:

  1. Press the "Expenses" menu.
  2. Long press the expense or mileage charge to assign.
  3. Click on "Assign".
  4. Choose the "Report" to which you want to assign the expense and confirm.
  1. Select the Report from the drop-down menu when entering your expenses or mileage charges

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