How to assign an invoice to a report?

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After creating a report, you can assign one or more invoices to it in different ways, whether from the Web or from the Mobile:

From the website:
  1. If you have expenses and mileage charges already entered, you can assign them to an existing report:
  • Check the "expenses" or "mileage charges" to assign from the "Expenses" tab
  • Click on "Assign to a report"
  • Choose the Report and confirm by clicking on "Assign"

  1. From the input form for a new expense, in the "Report" field, create a report or select an existing one.

The same goes for your mileage costs

From the mobile version:
  1. If your expenses or mileage charges are already entered:
  • Press the "Expenses" menu
  • Long press the expense or mileage charge to assign
  • Click on "Assign"
  • Choose the "Report" to which you want to assign the expense and confirm
  1. Select the Report from the drop-down menu when entering your expenses or mileage charges

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