Refund management

The SEPA export is a banking integration available on Expensya’s Gold and Premium plans.

The SEPA export is activated in the “Integration” menu, in the “Administration” tab, and allows you to view the reimbursement balance of each employee.

The amount to be reimbursed is calculated continuously by deducting the advances from expenses spent in the state of export. 

Activating the SEPA integration
  1. Access the “Administration” tab under the “Integration” menu, 
  2. Click on “Add an integration” and select the “Payroll” integration

  1. Configure the integration: name your export and choose the state of the bills that you want to export.
Only the expenses will be taken into account, which will then be transferred to accounting after the export’s activation date.

Before activating this feature make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • All current reports are in the chosen export state (archived / exported)
  • All current advances are in the chosen export state (archived / on account)
  • Ensure that all of your employees have a reimbursement balance of 0.

Exporting the bills to be reimbursed in SEPA format 

Once the SEPA export is activated, the “Refund” section is displayed in the “Administration” tab under the “Payment” menu. 

The Refund section displays all user “balances”. 


To export the bills to be reimbursed, simply

  1. select the names of the employees to be reimbursed, 
  2. click on the SEPA export button 
  3. download the export file to send the payment orders to your bank. 
The file can be exported as many times as needed; this process does not affect the account. 

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