Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards in Addition to Expensya

In addition to the Expensya product, you have the option to add an additional module: Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards.

These dashboards are customizable upon request, tailored to your needs, allowing you to retrieve data from the Expensya platform in the form of customizable graphs.

Expensya offers an easy integration of dashboards for monitoring and controlling data, such as tracking reimbursement timelines, compliance with expense policies, identifying top-spending employees, the most expensive expense categories, and the costliest vendors.

The dashboards are directly accessible within the "Administration" profile under the "Interactive Reports" menu.

If you're interested in implementing interactive BI reports, feel free to contact our sales team.

If you already have an internal Business Intelligence tool, it's possible to retrieve a data cube from Expensya. Please refer to this article: Exporting BI Cube.

Examples of Use Cases: Expenses and Compliance

Visualize the expense compliance rate by applying filters based on analytical dimensions (e.g., region), category, and period:

  • Total number of expenses and their total amount
  • Number of non-compliant expenses with expense policies and their total amount
More details can be viewed on the Non-Compliant Expense Details page.

Timelines and Reimbursement

Visualize the amounts pending reimbursement:

  • Amounts of expenses, validated and awaiting validation
  • Amounts of draft expenses

Visualize the average input, validation, and archival times.

Supplier Analysis

View expenses according to suppliers by applying filters based on analytical dimensions, employees, and period:

  • Total number of expenses and their total amount
  • List of expenses for each supplier
  • Ranking of suppliers based on expenses

Expenses by Categories

View expenses by category by applying filters based on analytical dimensions and employees:

  • List of categories and associated expenses
  • A pie chart to visualize the percentage of expenses by category

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