Personal settings

Each user on Expensya has the possibility to modify their settings from the website and mobile.

  • From the web:

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the page,
  2. Then on "Settings"

  1. You will land on your "Personal settings" section: in this form, you can add and modify all the data
  • From the "Default preferences" section you can choose a default project for your upcoming invoices and set them as reimbursable by default,

  • Define your email notifications preferences.

  • Fill in your bank details
If these fields are grayed out, please reach out to your admin on Expensya

  • Personalize your payments instruments.

  • 'My vehicles' allows you to add, modify and disable vehicles used for mileage expenses.

If you cannot locate this tab, please consult with the administrator to verify whether your company permits the use of personal vehicles for business-related travel.

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