Activating the TravelPerk-Expensya integration

Thanks to the native integration between Expensya & TravelPerk, it is now possible to retrieve invoices for travel services from the TravelPerk platform and integrate them into Expensya as invoices.

The recovery of these invoices is automatic and is done on a daily basis through APIs.

The TravelPerk integration is available on the Gold offer and can be activated from the Admin tab.

The activation of the integration between Expensya & TravelPerk is possible from both platforms: TravelPerk or Expensya.

The account administrator can add and activate this integration.

Activation of the integration from TravelPerk:

To activate the integration from TravelPerk, simply:

  1. Log in as an administrator on the TravelPerk platform
  2. Click on the "Company settings" tab then "Integration" menu
  3. Select the "Expensya" integration then click on Configure
  4. Activate the integration of Expensya
  5. Redirection to Expensya to approve the integration

If you are not logged in to Expensya at the time of the redirection, you will have to take an additional step and log in to Expensya before accessing the integration validation interface.

Activation of the integration from Expensya:

To add it, the administrator must:

  1. Access the Administration tab under the Integration menu,
  2. Click on "add an integration"
  3. Select the type of integration "Travel"
  4. Select TravelPerk from the list of available integrations
  5. Click on "Activate”
  6.  Connection and approval of the integration

Once activated, the collection of invoices from TravelPerk will be done automatically every day at 1 AM.

More details on configuring and collecting expenses on the following article :

Configuring the TravelPerk integration

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