Practical Guide: Create Expensya Zaps with Zapier

Expensya offers a Zapier connector to automate actions between your Expensya account and various web apps you use daily. 


How to create an Expensya Zap? 

To set up automations between Expensya and other web apps, you need a Zapier account. 

  1. Once logged into Zapier, click on “Zap” > “Create a Zap.” 




  1. Zapier will prompt you to choose your trigger and the subsequent action. 



  • Expensya Trigger:


If you want to use Expensya as the trigger: 


  1. In the trigger section in Zapier, select webhooks. 



  1. Next, choose “Catch Hook” as the trigger event and click “Continue.”



  1. Copy the webhook URL and paste it into your Expensya webhook, then click “Continue.”


  • Expensya Actions :


If you want to perform actions in Expensya following an event triggered in another application, we provide various actions to manage your users and their expenses. 


  1. Select Expensya as the “Action” in Zapier (after configuring your trigger). 




  1. Choose your action and click “Continue.”



  1. Connect via your API key by navigating to Expensya > Administrator > Integration > API Key > and generate your API key. 


  1. Configure your action and save. 


Your Zap is ready—enjoy the automation.

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