Configuration of the standard sustainable mobility allowance

The standard sustainable mobility allowance (FMD) is a module available with all Expensya commercial offers. It can be configured by the account administrator.

With the FMD Standard, employees do not need to change their transportation habits by purchasing an annual transport subscription to be reimbursed at 50%. Instead, they benefit from an additional advantage through the budget allocated to the sustainable mobility allowance.

Configuration of the FMD Standard:
  1. Configuration of user groups:

Start by configuring the users who will declare sustainable mobility expenses by assigning them to a specific group.

You can find more details on creating user groups in the following article: Create User Groups on Expensya.
  1. Configuration of expense categories:
  • Configure eligible transportation modes to be used for declaring sustainable mobility expenses, e.g., FMD - Carpooling, FMD - Electric Bicycle, FMD - Public Transport.
  • Limit the use of categories to the "Sustainable Mobility Allowance" user group. When creating the category, you can choose the group allowed to use this category.
You can find more details on creating and configuring expense categories in the following article: How to Create a Category and Configure My Chart of Accounts.
  1. Configuration of the approval flow for FMD expenses:

Configure a "Sustainable Mobility" project, which will help the user during the FMD declaration to remind them of the context of their expense (FMD or expense report) and configure a validation flow that differs from the validation flow for expense reports.

  • Assign the project to the "Sustainable Mobility Allowance" user group.
You can find more details on assigning projects to users or user groups in the following article: Assigning a User or Group to a Project.
  1. Configure the FMD ceiling:

Add an expense policy: Go to the Administration tab, select Expenses and Requests, and then select Expense Policies.

Click "Add a New Expense Policy" and select the rule "Automatically Limit Reimbursement of Certain Expenses to a Ceiling."

  • Specify that the ceiling only applies in the context of the sustainable mobility allowance by choosing the "Sustainable Mobility" project in the "According to Project or Custom Field Value" setting.
For more information on configuring expense policies, please refer to the following article: How to Configure Expense Policies.

Using the FMD Standard:

An employee practicing sustainable mobility selects the FMD expense category and ensures they choose the "Sustainable Mobility Allowance" project to trigger the correct validation flow. A tip is provided: Employees who make only sustainable mobility expenses can choose the "Sustainable Mobility Allowance" project as the default project to select in all expenses to facilitate data entry. This can be done in the personal settings under the "Default Configuration" menu.

If the employee exceeds the ceiling set by the account administrator (in this case, 500€), they will be alerted, and the amount to be reimbursed will be limited to the ceiling.

An employee who does not practice sustainable mobility will not notice any change in the expense entry experience, as they do not belong to the "Sustainable Mobility Allowance" employee group. Therefore, the categories and the project will not appear for them.

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