Sustainable Mobility Allowance

The Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) was published in the official journal on December 26, 2019. The objective of this law is to promote more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The Sustainable Mobility Allowance (FMD) offers employers the possibility to grant a contribution free of social security contributions to employees who prefer "soft mobility" modes of transportation for business travel.

What are the eligible means of transportation?

Business expenses will be covered for employees using these means of transportation:

  • Personal bicycles with or without electric assistance.
  • Personal scooters (added to the list by Amendment II-3176 of November 12, 2020).
  • Electric, hydrogen, or rechargeable hybrid vehicles (low-emission car-sharing services).
  • Carpooling as a driver or passenger.
  • Public transportation (other than those subject to mandatory subscription fee reimbursement).
  • Shared mobility or free-floating services like bikes, scooters, segways, and electric bikes available for self-service or rental.

How to implement the FMD through Expensya?

To learn more about setting up the FMD module in Expensya:

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