Creating an Expensya Account

Are you looking to create a free trial account with Expensya? Here are the steps to follow:

On the website:
  1. Start by visiting the Expensya website, then click on "Free Trial".

  1. Choose your account creation method. You have the option to proceed with your professional email address or with your Google, LinkedIn, or Apple accounts.
  1. Follow the creation steps, and you will receive an account activation email in your mailbox.
On the mobile app:
  1. Start by downloading the Expensya app from the Apple Store or Play Store.
  2. When you open the app, enter your email address and tap on "Continue with email".
  1. Choose a password and proceed with the account creation by following the different steps.

A notification will indicate that your account is awaiting validation. You can proceed with this article to learn about the next steps.

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