How to calculate mileage charges according to URSSAF scale?

Expensya allows you to enter your mileage on the go and guarantees accuracy year-round.

How are mileage costs calculated according to the URSSAF scale (France)?

In this example we'll consider a car, its tax power is over 7CV. This car has already traveled 1,000 km outside Expensya.

And the distance entered on Expensya is 3648 km so far.

If we add up the 1,000 km (those traveled outside Expensya) and the 3,648km (declared on Expensya), the total is 4648 km. We are still at the first evel of URSSAF scale.

Administrative Power

Up to 5000 Km

From 5000 to 20000 Km

More Than 20000 Km

3 RAC and less

distance x 0,456

(distance x 0,273) + 915

distance x 0,318


distance x 0.523

(distance x 0,294) + 1147

distance x 0,352


distance x 0,548

(distance x 0,308) + 1200

distance x 0,368


distance x 0,574

(distance x 0,323) + 1256

distance x 0,386

7 RAC and more

distance x 0,601

(distance x 0,34) + 1301

distance x 0,405

Suppose we are going to add another mileage charge in Expensya, the calculation will be:

4,648 km x €0.595 = €2,756.56

Then, we will add a new kilometer charge of 930km, 930km + 4,648km = 5,578km. The 5,000 km threshold has been exceeded. We're moving onto the second level.

The calculation will be:

Expected TTC = (5,587km x 0.337) + 1288 = € 3,167.786

While we have already been reimbursed € 2,756.56.

Here's the logic, when you pass onto the second level, all the mileage charges entered that year will be reimbursed at that rate, but as you've already received a reimbursement, then here's the correct amount to be paid back: € 3,167.786 - € 2,756.56 = € 402,226

Expensya will apply a compensation to balance the calculation of over or underpayment.

The 1288 is a fixed part which is added yearly.
In the case where the result is negative, we will display a 0 € until it balances out.

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