How to use Expensya's OCR + APIs?

OCR + APIs are the APIs that allow us to use our intelligent character recognition technology.

There are in particular three offers to use the OCR APIs:

OCR + Starter: 5 calls / minute up to a maximum of 100 calls / week.

OCR + Silver: 50 calls / second up to a maximum of 30,000 calls / month.

OCR + Unlimited: unlimited access to the API. Administrator approval is required

Visit our API portal to subscribe to the offer that suits you.

Our OCR technology is capable of detecting all the relevant information in the invoice: TTC, the VAT rate (s), type of invoice, currency, date of invoice, merchant, country, means of payment etc… with an overall success rate of 85%.

In addition, our OCR recognizes invoices from several countries, in particular: "Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, German, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Luxembourg, Canada, USA, Brazil, Tunisia, Morocco, India, Czech, Senegal, Australia and Singapore ”

There are two OCR + APIs: FastSnap and FastSnapV2. The only difference between the two is that the second accepts files containing several expenses and returns a list of responses, whereas the first only returns the result of the recognition of the first expense found in the file.

NB: The use of OCR + APIs requires prior validation by the Expensya team

For any additional information please contact the technical support team via, our teams are always at your disposal.

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