How to use Expensya's public APIs?

As an Expensya customer you can use public APIs to synchronize your data between Expensya and your information system.

Here's how:

  1. Token generation:

Go to the "Administration" tab, under the "Integrations" menu

Click on "API Keys"

Click on "Generate a new token" to automatically generate a token that allows you to use our public APIs.

Copy the Token via the “Copy” button

Then you can see the generated token as well as the creation date.

  1. Registration on the API portal:

Then register on our API portal:

Once connected, you are redirected to the “Expensya API” page which contains our different APIs:

The Token generated allows you to use the APIs "Expensya Management": It is a set of APIs which gives you the possibility to synchronize, independently, elements in your Expensya account and your information system and vice versa (Example: users, missions, projects, etc.).

  • Choose Expensya Management APIs and register:
  • Select your subscription and confirm

  • Then, a new Azure token will be generated

  • Use of APIs:

This new Token will subsequently be used as a parameter for the “Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key” Header. The Token generated from the Expensya “UserToken” portal will be used as a parameter for the Header of “Expensya-Token"

For any additional information please contact the support team via, our teams are always at your disposal.

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