Legal archiving in Spain

With legal archiving, the concern of losing your receipts becomes a thing of the past! Expensya extends this valuable functionality to Spanish companies and subsidiaries.

We proudly hold a legal certification for signed supporting documents in accordance with regulatory standards (Order EHA/962/2007).

Here's the straightforward principle: any document scanned and signed by Expensya becomes legally enforceable in the event of a tax audit, allowing you to safely discard the physical receipt. Expensya takes the responsibility of archiving them until the conclusion of the tax deadline, ensuring compliance with local legal standards.

Expensya can only sign images of supporting documents captured via fast scan and invoices which contain the electronic signature of the service provider. Receipts that do not contain the supplier's electronic signature and not scanned via fast must be kept.

  • From the mobile app:

Take a photo of your supporting document through our fast scan.

Once the photo is taken, Expensya will archive the supporting document, sign it, guaranteeing a reliable audit trail with regard to Spanish and European legislation.

Likewise, for attachments. If the file is signed, it will be displayed with a closed padlock:

If the file is not signed, it will be displayed with an open padlock, indicating that Expensya cannot guarantee the audit trail, this file not having been scanned using the Expensya mobile application.

  • From the website:

You receipt needs to contain the electronic signature of the service provider so that it can be signed by Expensya.

To differentiate between an archived and / or signed document, if there is a closed padlock icon this means that your proof is archived on our servers, and it has legal value.

If there is an open padlock icon it means your document is archived on our servers but that we cannot guarantee the audit trail, and therefore, you must keep the hard copies.

Your attached files, those which are signed at the source, are also archived and signed and by clicking on the padlock, you can see the details of the archiving:

The attached files which are not signed will be displayed with an open padlock.

In the event of a tax audit, you can download your supporting documents which are archived and signed by Expensya.

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