Why was my expense rejected?

Once you submit your report, you need to wait for your manager to review your expenses: 

  • ✅If the full report is approved: The financial team will take care of your reimbursement within a time frame that depends on your company’s processes.  
  •  ❌If one or more expenses are rejected: you’ll receive a reason via email. A duplicated report will be made with the rejected expense(s). This report will have the “Draft” status, allowing you to edit in accordance with our company’s policy. 

Reasons for rejection:  

Reasons for rejection depend on your company’s spending policy. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to it before submitting any expense.  

In order to understand why your expense was rejected, you need to find out the conditions for it to be approved. These may include: 

  • The reimbursement of expenses will be made on presentation of valid receipts. 
  • Reimbursement will also be made on the basis of the expenses incurred, (i.e. only for the days worked by the employee.) 
  • A credit card receipt is not an acceptable receipt. Expense reports with a credit card receipt cannot be accepted and expenses incurred with the Expensya card without an acceptable receipt will be charged to the pay slip. 
  • Only the original documents for the commitment of expenses (invoices, transport tickets, etc.) are authentic during the various controls to which the company is subject. They must be submitted in support of any claim for reimbursement. 
  • Expense claims must be submitted within a certain period of the expenditure. After this period, the expense claim will be rejected. 
Remember that in case of rejected expenses, you can still edit them after careful consideration of the reason received via email and re-submit them afterwards. 
If a note is rejected by the approver, the employee must make changes before being able to resubmit it. Resubmitting a rejected note for approval without making changes is not possible.

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