Invoices Management

Expensya allows you to add invoices in several ways both on the website and the app.

  • On the website :
  1. Go to the "Invoices" tab
  1. Click on "+ Invoice". You can then pick between three different ways:
  • Intelligent Recognition: Add an image or a PDF and Expensya will automatically extract all the relevant data for you.
  • Manual entry: Manually fill in an invoice form.
  • Email processing: Have you received an invoice in your mailbox? Just forward the email directly to and the invoice will magically appear in the list of your invoices, pre-entered! Just make sure that it’s sent from the same email you’re signed in with.

To add a mileage expense, follow the same steps and select 'Mileage expense' instead of 'Invoice'

To add invoices from the report tab:

  1. Go to the "Reports" tab,
  2. Click on the Report to add your invoice,
  3. Click on the "+ Invoice" button.

How to delete an invoice:

  1. Check the invoice you wish to delete,
  2. Click on "Delete".

  • From the app:

To add your invoices: Go to the "Invoices" menu

Adding invoices can be done in two ways:

  1. Fast Scan
  2. Manual entry

If you are going to use the fast scan, here are the different models:

  • Simple invoice: to take a picture of a simple receipt.
  • Several invoices: for multiple pictures of several receipts to be treated separately.
  • Multi-page invoice: if the invoice is on more than one page, select this option to have several pictures treated as one invoice by Expensya

How to delete an invoice:

  1. Access the "Invoices" menu,
  2. Long press on an invoice,
  3. Once the bin icon appears, tap it.

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