Optimizing Mileage Expense Calculation: Prudent Management of Draft and Rejected Expenses

When entering mileage expenses, managing expenses in draft or rejected status can significantly impact the calculation of compensation. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Draft or Rejected Expenses:

- Mileage expenses in draft or rejected status contribute to the total distance traveled by the vehicle.

  1. Implications for New Expenses:

- Newly approved expenses take into account the distances of draft or rejected expenses, thus influencing the calculation of compensation.

  1. Automatic Adjustment:

- When modifying or deleting existing expenses, the system will automatically recalculate the amount to be reimbursed based on the adjustments.

In conclusion, careful management of draft or rejected expenses is crucial for accurate compensation calculations. Follow these steps to optimize your mileage expense calculation process. For detailed instructions, refer to our article: Practical case of mileage expense calculation applying compensation - Expensya - Expense Reports - Help

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