The validation Cycle & Expense Workflow

In Expensya, an expense corresponds to an amount committed and paid with your own financial means in a professional context.

Each expense goes through several statuses during its life cycle.

  • Uploaded: The receipt has been uploaded, and the expense is currently being created by the intelligent character recognition technology.
  • To review: the expense has recently been recorded using the fast scan feature. The system requires you to review and verify that the information read is accurate.
  • To submit: the expense was either entered manually or has already been reviewed. Consequently, the system will not request an additional check.
At this point, you will need to assign the expense to a report to move forward. The statuses will then be similar for both the expense and the report.

  • Submitted: the expense has been assigned to a note and sent to your supervisor for validation.
  • In validation: this status is only applicable if your company implements a higher level of validation of reports already approved by your manager.

  • Approved or Rejected: if the report submitted to your supervisor for validation is approved, it goes to the next status. If it is rejected, the report returns to the "Draft" state, and the expenses become 'Verified'.

  • Exported: the note that contains your expense has been approved by your manager and sent to your finance team.

  • Archived: your accountant has archived the note. It is extracted from Expensya and integrated into your accounting system. The reimbursement will take place outside Expensya via usual means.
The status visible to users depends on the validation flow established by their employer on Expensya.

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