Managing my Professional Payment Instruments

Expensya allows you to add professional payment instruments. These can be activated from the “Settings"  tab on your account.

Professional payment instruments allow employees to create expenses using the company's funds. As a result, the employee is obliged to offset expenses created with the professional card (corporate debit card) and send them for approval. These expenses will be non- reimbursable. 

Adding a professional payment method 
  1. Go to the "Settings" tab .
  2. In account personalization, choose "Payment instruments".
  1. Select “Add payment instrument".
  2. Fill in the empty fields. You can precise the instrument type in the corresponding field.
Payment instruments configuration  :

To configure the payment instrument, the account administrator is required to fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk:

  1. Payment instrument name
  2. Payment instrument type :
  • Bank
  • Company debit card
  • Cash
  •  Check
  •  Wire
  •  Other (if it consists of another professional payment instrument that does not exist in the drop-down menu).
  1. Once the mandatory fields have been filled in, simply click on “save” to add the payment instrument. 

The administrator can assign the professional payment instrument to one or more employees by indicating their name(s) in the “Assign to users” field. 

If this field is left blank by the administrator, this payment instrument will be assigned to all employees by default. 
To set a default payment instrument, please contact the Expensya support team at: 
Modifying or disabling professional payment instruments  :

The account administrator can modify and disable already created payment instruments.  

To do this, simply: 

  1. Select the payment instrument. 
  2. Click "edit" to modify or "Disable." 
  3. Make the required changes.  
  4. Click “Save”  

Modifying professional payment instruments 

Disabling professional payment instruments 

To delete a payment method, please contact the Expensya support team.  Contact details for the Expensya support team can be found by clicking on this link

Exporting professional payment instruments :

It is possible to export a file containing all the details related to some or all business payment instruments. To do this, simply :

  1. Select the payment instruments you wish to export  
  2. Click on “Export result”  

It is also possible to filter certain payment instrument by completing the appropriate filters.  

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