How to set up bank accounts in Expensya

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As an administrator, you can add bank accounts for the company or employees from the website.

You can also ask our support team for the below configurations:

Employee cannot modify their bank account,

Employee can modify their bank account details,

Employee can only send reports if they have a bank account on Expensya.

You can even indicate what type of bank identifier employees can enter in Expensya:



Or both.

To add a company account:

Go to the "Administration" tab, under the "Bank accounts" menu,

Click on the "Company" tab

Click on "Add a bank account",

To add an employee account:

Click on the "Employees" tab,

To add manually, click on 'Add a bank account' and fill the form :

Or import via a CSV file, by clicking 'Import' :

Fill in the file as per examples on the template.

To modify a bank account:

You can change a company and employee bank account by clicking on "modify a bank account"

To deactivate a bank account:

You can deactivate a bank account by checking it and then clicking on the "Actions" and "Deactivate" button.

To export bank accounts:

You can export all the accounts by clicking on the "export" button or filtering down.

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