Validating Reports

Reviewing employees' reports and validating or rejecting expenses is a key responsibility for managers. To grasp the process better, let's break it down step by step.

  1. Email Notification for validators: 

Validators receive an email notification once a report is submitted for validation. In contrast, accountants receive an email notification when a note is sent to accounting.

If there are multiple accountants for a specific account, no notification email is sent to any of the accountants.


Validators can also receive reminder emails every three days to inform them that notes are pending validation.

The account administrator can enable this option from the Administration tab --> Global Settings --> Validation. 


Once the email is sent to the validators, the next step is:

  1. Expense validation: 

For this, three alternatives are possible: 

  • Validation on Web:

In order to get to know the steps required to accomplish this task, please refer to this article. 

  • Validation on Mobile:

The validation process is also possible on the mobile app. You can find all the details in the same article. 

  • Validation on Teams App:

The Expensya application on Teams empowers users to add, review, and submit their professional expenses. Additionally, it provides managers with the capability to review their employees' reports and either validate or reject their expenses.

An article describing the different features offered by the Expensya application on Teams, particularly the validation process can be found on this link
 Rejected expenses and notes are always sent back to the owner.
  1. Exception Requests:  

In certain situations, employees may submit specific requests, known as exception requests, for their validators to review. These requests involve seeking reimbursement for the full amount of an expense or an amount exceeding a ceiling set by the company.

Get to know the exception requests through this article. 

 In the case where the employee has more than one approver, the expense is only forwarded to accounting after being approved by all approvers. Hence, the accountant can only view the expense in the "Accounting" tab after approval by all approvers.

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