Mission Orders

The mission order, jointly crafted by employees and their managers, serves as a comprehensive guide outlining specific tasks and responsibilities within the context of an employee's professional role, within a designated structure and location. As employees are frequently tasked with assignments beyond their regular work area, Expensya provides a straightforward and innovative solution for effortlessly managing mission orders, alleviating unnecessary pressure.

The Mission Orders module is a feature included in Expensya's 'Gold' offer. Activation of this feature is convenient, requiring a simple request from the account administrator through our internal system.

How to create a mission order :

Once the module is activated on our side, a new tab will be displayed on the user's account: this is the "Requests" tab, all you have to do is: 

  1. Click on the "Requests" tab: 
  2. Click on the "Mission order" option: 

  1. Fill in the various fields of the mission order request form. 


  1. Click on "submit" 

How to attach files to work orders:

How to view the modification history of a mission order : 

Users can view all actions taken on a given work order by going to the "history" tab.  

How to export mission orders in PDF format: 

As shown in the screenshot below, all Expensya users have the possibility to export mission orders in PDF format.

Mission order management : 

It is important to know that the mission order is an independent module from that used for expenses. In other words, its creation and submission is done independently from expense reports. 

However, the mission order will follow the same validation flow set up for expenses. 

Configuring projects for work orders : 

It is possible to configure business types for mission orders directly from the "admin" tab and the "projects” sub-menu. For the business type to be linked to mission orders, you must tick the "mission orders" as "Expense types" in the project form created. 


View bookings synced with the Travel tool in the mission order view :  

Book your business trips easily with Expensya's integrated travel module. Connect your booking tools and other travel apps to Expensya and enjoy a better user experience when booking, paying, and managing business travel expenses. 

For companies with a Travel integration, It is possible to see the list of reservations linked to each mission order in order to have a complete view of all travel costs.  

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