Configuring Categories for TravelPerk Integration

The TravelPerk integration guarantees an automatic, seamless transfer of your travel expenses directly into Expensya. For this streamlined process to work flawlessly, it's essential to have your categories in Expensya aligned with the service categories of TravelPerk.

To discover how to activate the TravelPerk integration, please visit this article.
In order to configure the Integration, follow the steps defined in this article.

For the purpose of preventing discrepancies and ensuring an accurate import process for your invoices, you should have these predefined categories added to your enabled categories in Expensya .

  • Flight
  • Train
  • Car rental
  • Hotel
  • Travel fees

These predefined categories correspond to the services offered by TravelPerk, facilitating smooth and precise alignment during the expense import process

To add a predefined category, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Admin panel, navigate to the 'Advanced Settings' section, then select the 'Categories' tab.
  2. Select a category from the list.
  3. Add the necessary predefined category to the selected category.
  4. Save your changes.

You can add the predefined category to any category from the list that you see fit.

It’s essential to have the required predefined category added to at least one of your categories.

If you prefer not to add the predefined categories to any existing category, you can always create a new one. How to create a category and configure my chart of accounts? - Expensya - Expense Reports - Online Help

With these categories effectively set up, you guarantee a quick and precise association of all imported invoices from TravelPerk to the right categories in Expensya. This mitigates the risk of discrepancies, ensuring a successful completion of the import process.

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