Expensya cards - Account management

Steps to activate your Expensya card : 

In order to start using Expensya cards, the legal representative* or the company's representative must open a payment account with Swan, Expensya's partner.

An administrator profile is required for the company's legal representative or agent. His/her email address will be configured to receive the email to start the process.

If you start the account opening process, the steps are as follows:

  1. Read the "Expensya Cards: Register your company now" email, click on the "Register my company" button and fill in the company details. 
  2. Read the "We need to verify your identity" email, click on the "Prove my identity" button and fill in your personal data
  3. Navigate to "Administration", then to the "Payment" menu
  4. Go to the "Bank Accounts" submenu 
  5. Select the "Expensya Card Account" tab; the company's account will be displayed in the list.
*The legal representative of a company is a person in charge of officially representing it. He has the broadest powers to act in all circumstances in the name and on behalf of the company he represents.

Consultation of the list of Expensya card accounts : 

An administrator who has the role** "View Accounts" can access the list of Expensya card accounts. If you wish to consult this list : 

  1. Naviguez vers la section "Administration", puis sélectionnez le menu "Paiement" 
  2. Accédez au sous-menu “Comptes bancaires” 
  3. Dans l'onglet “Compte des Cartes Expensya”, la liste des comptes de la société sera affichée. 

The administrator then has the option to :  

  1. Search for a payment account by account name
  2. Copy the IBAN of the payment account to be able to fund it from another bank account. 
  3. View your account balance in real time 
  4. Consult the date of creation of the account
  5. View account status

Viewing the account details of Expensya cards : 

An administrator who has the role "View Accounts" can access the account details of Expensya cards. If you wish to view the account details : 

  1. Navigate to the "Administration" section, then select the "Payment" menu 
  2. Go to the "Bank Accounts" submenu
  3. Select the "Expensya Card Account" tab, the list of company accounts will be displayed.
  4. Click on the account name to view details

The administrator then has the option of :

  1. Update the account name taking into account that it must be unique
  2. Copy the IBAN of the account 
  3. Copy the BIC of the account
  4. Copy the account holder
  5. Copy the address of the account holder.



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